Aircrafts could be powerful tool of war but only when they are airborne. Airplanes of past and today need pilots (some close future maybe will not have pilot and cockpit at all) and they need to get in their cockpit and make system works. No matter how much is their airplane sophisticated, item need to get into expensive airplane is very simple and cheap- ladder!

MiG-21 ladders

MiG-21 ladders

One of the big hit which come from Eduard is no doubt MiG-21 and various versions delivered on market. Very soon, they are followed by various accessories and one of them is ladder. This is very simple products, consisted of just few parts and packed in standard transparent package. Work is very easy- remove parts from fret and join them together. I hope five to ten minutes are enough for this operation. There is few options know for final finish of ladders, I have seen images of yellow ladders as well red ladders. It is on you what options you will choose but please take a look on images, if they are available, before you paint them. Use is very simple, just place it on side of your kit and this is it. No matter it is recommend for Eduard kit, you can use it on any other kit of MiG-21 in 1/48 scale from any other manufacturer.

Nice little add to MiG-21 and I recommend it. You can buy it direct here!

Srecko Bradic

Big thanks to Eduard for sample product