What ever you do you need working surface. In our modeling world is common that modeler start modeling with planes of what model to buy, work place and accommodation comes later. Soon or later become obvious that furniture get harmed with various scars from out cutting equipment or painted with many spots of paint, glue or filler. Cutting mat is the solution!

Rotating Cutting mat

Rotating Cutting mat

No matter that material for cutting mat is known for a long time, it come into widely use in model world just last few years. Main feature is that it is made of self healing material and with printed scaled mesh. This two very important point is great benefit and become very important equipment. Only problem is that it is stationery position so you need to move object during the work and this could be plagued with problems in some stages of work. There comes Rotating Cutting Mat RM-08.

Shesto Co from UK has just released this great products which will for sure be of great use. Its main features is the same as above mentioned but has one more- it could be rotated! Packed in plastic bag, it could be used right after you unpack it. Size is 30×30 cm and this is big enough for most of your projects. It consist of three parts, bottom with rubber which is very pliable to surface, intersection ring, which help rotating and main work board. Board is made of blue color with printed mesh and with printed circles and angles guides.

After very short use I realize that tool bring much safety on build. In some stages kits become very sensitive as well it have to stand stable and in other hands you need to move it in same time. With this Rotating Mat you keep kit stable on surface but you can reach all parts by simply rotate. In this way you get different angles to approach kit and mount some tinny details and elements. In some way you can call this product also ‘Assembly Platform’. If ever happen that your finger slice of or crash some fine part from kit when you try to move it in other position, you will realize importance of this Rotating Cutting Mat. Like no other product its bring versatility, safety and stability to your build!

Excellent product and top recommended! Get it here!

Srecko Bradic

Big thanks to Shesto for providing sample products for review