No other kit ever has been monitored with that level of criticism like the Eduard kit of MiG-21BIS. This mean simply that community which is interesting in that type is so strong and take kit of this plane with much passion. I am not intend to give any reply about the authentic of the kit, all I know is that to make any analyze you should have blueprints with station diagrams but I did not see that anybody show it. The same Eduard confirm little off dimensions but I guess we can live with this. Better to say, hardly to to say that any kit is absolute accurate unless. So lets focus on the same kit which is real pleasure to build.



Kit which is subject here is December 2011 release from Eduard with stock number 8232 and released as Profipack. Kit presented is MiG-21BIS, the very last derivate of the long line of this famous fighter. Inside is few frets with plastic, no resin, two sheet of etched parts, quick protective mask, two sheet of decals and nice assembly booklet.

Making of the kit is very very easy, like all of the Eduard kits of MiG-21. Without any problem you can get kit ready to paint in just two or three days. Fret J is the one which include separate parts for BIS model and there is intake ring, dorsal with vertical as well several small parts.

There is few very attractive camouflage options to finish the kit and I have choose Finland’s version. If you like to follow modern trends where every kit must have super highlighter panels and paint fade out, then better skip this version. Fins have very clean machines and I have seen three early images of sample MG-129 and all show tidy nice machine. Also I have used blue black color for the dark at the top, not the one proposed by Eduard. There is variation in the colors used on Finland’s BIS so take attention when work on specific sample (some have extra dark brown there).

No doubt that this is one of great release from Eduard and for sure good add to the MiG-21 family. Only to hope that Eduard team will make a little rest and in some future release versions like PF, PFM or even F. Nice kit, I enjoy in build and I am sure you will enjoy too. Your sample could be get direct here! Full build review in magazine Warplanes no. 10!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard