Sad but truth- you have not much options if you like to make MiG-29 in 1/48 scale. Best one is Academy MIG-29 but this kit have much of shortcomings and require extra workload to make it to look properly. There is available some of detail and conversion sets for this kit and one of the company who deliver it is Eduard.

MiG-29 exhaust nozzle

MiG-29 exhaust nozzle

December 2011 release present MiG-29 exhaust nozzles in 1/48 scale. This set is in 1/48 scale and it coming in well known Brassin range of product. Stock item is 648044 and it coming in their standard transparent plastic case. Inside is just few parts which is excellent mold and one small metal sheet with parts. Total of parts is four resin and four etched parts.

Work is very easy, cut resin parts from their mold base, send a bit bottom, paint it and join together with etched parts into one assembly. Painting could be a bit doubtful as well from available images could be seen variations in the basic metal colors, range could be various dark and medium dark metal shades up to some colorful where is section in color shades similar to blue and brass. This is your choice, in regard to this which particular airplane you do.

This set can be very fast prepared and built into the kit. Eduard did very good work and you have on complete nozzle one slot to be placed on slot on the kit. Just take a note that this give a bit extra weight to the kit rear section so take a note and add some extra weight to avoid kit to sit on tail. Must say that this is important upgrade for the Academy kit and this will give visible advance compared with original plastic parts. Get your sample set here!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard