Rogozarski IK-3 was built in small number and short lived in April War 1941. Its elegant lines and impressive result in combat did not leave many people without impressions so this airplane have small but strong group of fans worldwide. During the years there was few manufacturers of the kit and last few years even two of them finally delivered on market injected plastic kits, both in 1/72 scale.

IK-3 canopy

IK-3 canopy

From our experience we know that there is no final product on market so many of them could be additionally upgraded or enhanced and product which is dedicated for Rogozarski IK-3 is vacuform canopy. This is product manufactured in Serbia by Warhawk Productions. Product coming in small plastic package with simple instruction on paper and two cockpit canopy inside. Both canopy featured excellent transparency, sharp details line and very good form. Maybe bottom line could be a bit more step as well it is cover for sliding rail but anyway this is good enough. The same canopy present later version of sliding canopy with narrow framing and without additional reinforcing frame on it.

Images in gallery present excellent kit made by Aleksandar Andric, man behind Warhawk Production and few images of real subject, for your better impressions. This product is recommended and would be of great help to any who going to build Rogozarski IK-3 in 1/72 scale. You can contact Aleksandar Andric direct on his email or find him via his Facebook profile. Best part is that he is preparing more releases and one of them is IK-3 prototype canopy.

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Aleksandar Andric from Warhawk Production