There is just few Air Forces in the world who had or still have strategic force capabilities and one of them is RAF. Last book Strategic Force Bomber Command 1950-1968 written by Colin Ovens give nice overview of this legendary formation. I said legendary as well Strategic Bomber Command have its root in WW1 as well many squadrons described in this fine book, were established in the WW2. For most of the aviation enthusiast, Bomber Command is greatly associated with WW2 so this title is for sure interesting to find more about it post war use.

Strategic Force Bomber Command

Strategic Force Bomber Command

Book have few chapters where is given general overview, operational procedures & equipment, squadrons, operations as well projects. Main aircrafts used was V bombers and the first one to enter service was Vickers Valiant which start operations in February 1955 and until then equipment was Lincolns, Canberra and B-29. During the ’50 two new member fo V force were entered service, Vulcan and Victor. Valiant was the first one to drop UK atomic bomb, that was WZ366 and date was 11. October 1956. This as well many others info could be find in this great book.

Book is soft cover, A4 form, full color, with 56 pages inside. Content is very interesting for every modeler with number of selected images, color profiles as well nice arranged informations. Author have made great job in making such a nice publication which is welcome to every air enthusiast interesting in this subject.

Srecko Bradic

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