1/144th scale is definitively not a toy scale… See how the number of kits of good quality is growing, and the implementation of societies like Dragon, Revell, Platz, Sweet… That makes real jewels!

Unfortunately, actually the cockpits at that scales are scarce and basic. So it is a good idea from Retrowings to make detail sets.

Retrowings Tornado and F-18

Retrowings Tornado and F-18

Here you will see the cockpit set for the Tornado (the Dragon one; the Revell kit being differently conceived cannot receive that cockpit) with consoles, instrument panels and nice ejection seats!

You will also see two detail sets for the Revell F-18: the cockpit of course, and the control surfaces.

The cockpit set contains the parts to make the one seater or two seater versions; the control surfaces permits to give to your model a more dynamic style and you can represent the wings folded.

Taking into account that those kits are very cheap, there is no reason not to use them…

Daniel Clamot

Great thanks to Retrokit for providing a samples of products