Bloudek XV Lojze is the name for small sport plane designed by Stanko Bloudek for Ljubljana flying Club, Slovenia. Designer was very experienced in aircraft design and he include some very advanced features of construction of Bloude Lojze. This machine was ready in 1929. When I hear first time that somebody want to make scale kit of this model I was really surprised! No wonder about that as well in general I am faced with commercial project and project made in regards to market needs. So my first opinion was ‘somebody have time to waste’… soon I have received sample for review and I change my mind!!! This kit I get for review was done in great level and very quality.

Bloudek XV Lojze

Bloudek XV Lojze

Company which stand behind the kit of Bloudek XV Lojze is Balkan Models from Slovenia and this is first resin kit they are delivered. This kit is in the 1/72 scale and stock number is BM-R7201. Kit is packed in full color card box and design of the box is excellent done, this could be nice sample how the small manufacturer could deliver their product in top industrial design standards. Inside of box is the instructional leaflet, in color where first page provide historic info about the same airplane. Very important for many who hardly could be informed about this kit. Resin parts are all packed in plastic bags and they are good mold. Also there is excellent decals sheet which offer you option to make one of few variants in which Bloudek XV Lojze was flew. And small package include small metal pipes for exhaust stacks.

Lets be clear- resin kits are for experienced modelers so when I state that this it is easy to build, I mean this. But not for beginners for sure. Number of parts as well simplicity allow it to be assembled in few hours!!!Parts are crisp mold so there is no need for much sanding except for the place where part was connected with mold base. Instructional leaflet is very easy to follow and it include all details we need. Only thing I have change is the interior assembly, I find more easy to put pilot seat inside fuselage from bottom while the instruction suggest to be cement on wing and then together fit into place.

No matter that it have several variations of markings, scheme is in all cases the same- overall red machine with cowling in different color. I said in different colors as well there is doubts is this white or natural metal or even silver. So I decided to use silver there. Red color, regarding to craftsmans testimony, was locally obtained red color so this could be everything, paint for wood, paint for cars… Make your choice in this way. Use of decals going so smooth, over gloss surface you have no need to use any decal setting products. Best part is that for last step I decide to put exhaust stacks and Balkan Models prepare very precise pipes cut in length!!

Finished model look so cute and nice and this is for sure one of those which will capture eye of your visitor who will ask ‘What is this?’. Also I am impressed with the fact that for the first kit Balkan Models did excellent product in any aspect of this meaning! And best at all is that this kit is sell very good!!! You will not regret if you get this kit and direct order it here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Primoz Krasna from Balkan Models
For work on the kit were used Albion Alloys tools