Eduard kit of MiG-21 in 1/48 scale is pretty good kit and even basic plastic kit is excellent event in its basic plastic form. With additional sets which coming in their profi pack kits kit is much perfected but there could be even more done with their Brassin sets. Set we examine here is their set with stock number 648 030 and it present MiG-21 seat, used in the late service of this great fighter.

MiG-21 seat

MiG-21 seat

Best feature of this sets is that they could be done completely in few hours and it give excellent new look of the kit. This set don’t have much of parts, they are resin and photo etched. All of this coming in transparent package, easy to open and to hold parts inside during the work. All resin parts coming with their resin mold base and I would like to suggest you not to remove parts from their bases as first work step but to keep it and paint all parts while they still in that form. This will make you maintenance more easy. Seat parts need to be all grey but please refer to the images of the original subject as well head rest could be in another color.

Image gallery above show this pack with work steps as well final look of the seat before instaling into the cockpit. For the subject I use MiG-21SMT and I need no cement to fix it inside, I have just push it from the above and seat set up perfectly in place. Dimensions are very good so you can make kit with closed or open cockpit. One things which is miss in the basic seat set is the service labels on seat but this is not problem as well they come with basic kit.

I like this very much and would gladly recommend it to you! Get your sample direct here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky, from Eduard