This is the reedition of a kit that I was waiting for! The Airco DH-2 was the first British aircraft able to make face to the infamous Fokker Eindekker. The supremacy of the DH-2 remained until the coming of other infamous aircrafts: the Albatroses D.I & D.II…

The box contain 96 plastic parts (some of them are alternative ones, like the ammo boxes or the bipale or quadripale propellers); photoetched parts and a mask sheet. The decals sheet gives the possibility to build one of four aircrafts.

Eduard 1/48 Airco DH-2 Profipack ref 8094

Eduard 1/48 Airco DH-2 Profipack ref 8094


The plastic parts are really fine and most important, are absolutely concording with the drawings at 1/48th scale given in the Windsock Datafile nr48. Attention must be made when removing some parts from the sprue, due to their fragility – But with a minimum of attention, no problem will overcome.

The photoetched arts are as always with Eduard really fine and offer some elements to replace kit parts like a splendid seat, ammo boxes, and of course the seatbelts!

The masking tape will help you to paint the propeller extremities, but also the wheels, the bottom of the cockpit, etc.

The instruction sheet contains a guide for the rigging, in three phases. Extremely helpful but it seems that those drawings are missing from the haubans between the struts. But that can easily be corrected with the Windsock book.

Four decorations are proposed by Eduard: three from 24th squadron and the last one from 32nd squadron, all those aircrafts serving in France in 1916.

A – n°6011 sqn 24, upper surfaces PC10 and lower surfaces dope (pilot Arthur Gerald Knight)

B – n° 7851 sqn 32, upper surfaces PC10 and lower surfaces dope (pilot William Curphey)

C –  n° 5998 sqn 24, upper surfaces PC10 and lower surfaces dope (pilot Capt John Oliver Andrews)

D – n° 5967 sqn 24, dope overall (pilot Robert Saundby)

We have here a real jewel; an excellent rendition of a fragile but so typical aircraft. I recommend that kit warmly!

The only default I’ve personally found is the difficulty to choose what decoration to build…

Daniel Clamot

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard