[dropcap]V[/dropcap]ictor is one of the V- bombers and it play important role in the RAF service and present on sky for a 41 year. With very good flight performance its principal role was nuclear strikes and its role was changed into low level bomber and nuclear missions was undertaken by submarines.

Osprey has deliver very interesting book- Victor Units of the Cold War and it is from the Osprey Combat Aircraft series, number 88.  Its content is arranged in eight chapters as well additional appendices.  Author begin the story with short intro of the Handley Page WW2 design and continue with the analyze and development of the new bomber project. From the start new design included engine housed in wing root and this resulted in less drag then on other bomber projects.  First prototype , marked as HP 80, was flown by Test Pilot Sqn Ldr Hedley George Hazelden. It is interesting to see on page 9 photo of the Blue Danube, first nuclear bomb developed in UK.




First order was placed in 1952 and that was followed by more orders later. During the service and manufacture aircraft was under upgrade and improvement, result from the operational experience but also info from the Soviet Union SAM defense systems. Victor was part of the Medium Bomber Force and the very first unit to receive Victor was No. 10 Squadron, April 1955.

Title: Victor Units of the Cold War
Author: Andrew Brookes
Publisher: Osprey
Format: B5 softcover
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-84908-339-3

Book have several plates of excellent color profiles which present Victor in various unit, time-line as well camouflage pattern. Ending chapters are cover with the detailed service history of Victor as reconnaissance aircraft as well in flight refueling tanker. Last combat mission Victor flew on Falkland wars as well Iraq.  Last flight of Victor took place on 30 November 1993.

Excellent book in any aspect and author Andrew Brookes did this work best possible. Highly recommended!! Direct order your sample book here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample book provided by Joseph McCullough, Marketing Coordinator Osprey Publishing