[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n march 3d, 2011 the book “Fokker C.5: ontwikkeling, gebruik en ondergang” was presented at the Militaire luchtvaart museum, Soesterberg (Netherlands). After a period of six years of research and writing, a 256 page work about the use of the Fokker C.5 reconnaissance and light bomber aircraft was complete. This book deals with the intensive use of the type in Dutch service, the “Luchtvaart Afdeling” (which can be translated as army aircorps).

The Fokker C.5 was introduced into service in 1925, and was still forming the backbone of reconnaissance units during the maydays of 1940. They were in action to monitor German advance, to strafe and bomb landed German Junkers transport aircraft, and to aid the groundforces during the desperate battle for the main Dutch defense line, the Grebbe linie.

Fokker C.V book

Fokker C.V book


The book is split in three chapters: ontwikkeling (development), which deals with the design and test period, the competition for Dutch and Dutch Indies orders and also with the technical description of the aeroplane.

The second part is gebruik (service), which deals with the purchases and early operations, the different military tactics (such as bombardment, tactical reconnaissance etc.), equipment and armament. The second part also focuses on the success during the Coupe Echard competition of August 1927 and the major modernisation scheme, during which the aircraft received more modern and powerful Rolls Royce Kestrel engines and various improved equipment.

Final part  is called “ondergang” (downfall) and tells the story about the mobilisation time and the war of May 10th to May 14th. During this war, no less then 52 aircraft were still in service, with 36 in front line service. Despite efforts to modernise and re-equip with more modern aircraft, the C.5 was still a very important aircraft. During the days of war, a lot of dangerous missions were flown, and the C.5 and the men who flew the machines, showed it simply could not be missed.

Title: Fokker C.5: Ontwikkeling, gebruik en ondergang

Author: Edwin Hoogschagen

Publisher: Violaero, part of Lanasta, the nautical publisher of Holland

ISBN 9789086160730

Hardcover, over 500 illustrations; both b/w and color, more then two dozen color profiles.

Price: EUR 36,95, P&P varies (at the publishers website)

Edwin Hoogschagen