[dropcap]O[/dropcap]sprey Duel series of publications are focused on the war time account and machines engaged in combat against each other. This approach required a lot of documents and reports analyses and any publication from this series is worth of great attention. Duel no. 29 have for subject fights encountered between Hawker Hurricane Mk.I and Messerschmitt Bf 110.

Hurricane vs Bf 110

Hurricane vs Bf 110


Basic concept of this two machines are much different and as well Hurricane was designed as the single seat fighter airplane of the mixed construction while the German fighter was of all metal construction with two engines. Hurricane was a hero of the Battle of Britain and it has engaged bombers and its direct opponent was Bf 110 which was used for range escort.

Book is excellent arranged and provide a wide range of the informations such as technical info, unit deployments, war situation, personal notes and this is supported with a number of wartime images, maps and tables. Nice idea is the Chronology, given on the book very start where is present each plane history and reader could on two pages of this specific content find most important info and this make further readings more interesting. Final pages are left for the list of the top scorers on both side.

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Srecko Bradic

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