[dropcap]M[/dropcap]inicraft kit of the Consolidated B-24J Liberator in 1/72 scale cannot be credited as the top kit available on market but it is fine enough and accompanied with the Eduard style items, it could be great looking kit. Basic shortcomings of the kit will not be mentioned in this review and focus would be on the Eduard release of this kit as Limited Edition, stock number 2110 and with cute name Liberator Beauties. Reason for this is simple- each proposed machine in the kit have very nice pin up art which is used on this wartime machines. Other note is that this release cover Liberator Mk. VI used in South East Asia.

Liberator Beauties

Liberator Beauties

Package contain plastic kit frets, two large etched sets (one is pre painted), mask for transparent parts, transparent foil for screens, excellent instructions and greatly printed decal sheet. Must state that protective mask are excellent done and very precisely cut and I did not have any problem during the removing and placing on kit and they are must for this kit as well it include great number of small transparent part and without this add, the work on protection would be declared as nightmare.

My suggestion is to spray with basic coat all of the parts till they are still on frets and after drying to spray them all in interior Green color as well this color cover most of the interior surfaces and even if not, it can be used as good background color. Our source state that rear half of the fuselage is very possibly left in natural metal color so I paint this area later in that color.

Work on cockpit present great pleasure as well Eduard provide excellent etched coverage for the cockpit and it look simply great with all of this parts on it and also it cover rear side gunner section with made structures, boxes as well machine guns details. One detail which point me is the number of bombs in the kit and kit provide only eight bombs. Please note that instruction suggest placing of five bombs on each of its four bomb racks but as well it can be done due to the missing bombs, better place two bombs on each rack as well that was standard bomb mission load composition.

I would also suggest that some sections, like the landing gear and engines, place on the very end of the kit assembly as well this will make handling during work on kit much comfortable and you will need not to protect this parts from paint spray (if you paint with airbrush).

For the final painting sample have choose machine from No. 159 Squadron, flown by S/L Gauntlet and it is stated as B kit in the instruction leaflet, painting guide section. This machine is delivered in standard camouflage pattern of the Olive Drab at the top side and Neutral Grey at the bottom and nice decoration present pin up art author by Alberto Vargas. Note that on the nose port side, pin up art goes over the window.

This kit is definitely for the experienced modeler, first from the basic kit used for this package and second from the large number of the etched part used inside. Final result would be nice kit and this worth all effort in the build. You can direct order this kit here and watch our online build here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard