[dropcap]R[/dropcap]emove before flight tags are often find attached to various safety pins, nod covers that would lock the aircraft systems and/or block them from working properly – pitot tube covers, canopy protective hoods, armament safety pins, ejection seat safety pins, engine inlets, cooling air inlets. RBF tags are to be removed by the maintenance personnel. pilot just check that none of them is still on the plane… with exception of the hot seat safety and armament safety pins, which are removed after pilot is seated and ready for start up.

Remove Before Flight Israel Eduard 1/48

Remove Before Flight Israel Eduard 1/48

Eduard set 49546 contains 24 red exterior, 17 yellow interior and six red ejection seat remove before flight tags in 1/48 scale that are prepainted and ready to use. In the world of scale models it is equally important the way you present your model kit as much as the quality of your build. At the bottom line it is important that the modeler is satisfied with his work, and this small additions really help in gaining the more realistic look of finished models. Depending on modelers personal aspirations this set can be used in building a show-case diorama or a simple scene with Airplane parked on apron. Set is well printed and if you know Hebrew I bet you can read the inscriptions on these small flags.

This set is easy for use and I can recommend it to all modelers! This set can be purchased directly form Eduard

Darko Mladenovic

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard