[dropcap]C[/dropcap]anadian aircraft production has always more or less stood in the shadow of their big neighbor the U.S.A. In spite if this, Canada always had its own manufacturers of aircraft types. Most known from the pre-WW II period is the license production of Fairchild types. Canada also had agreed on licence production of the twin-boom Burnelli small freighters. However, Canada also had the distinct honor to produce the ‘fastest biplane fighter of the world’ ( the FDB-1) at a time the monoplane type was already firmly established. The wartime saw mass production of types for the R.A.F. like the Harvard and the Blenhheim. However, also other British types were manufactured.

Canadian aircraft

Canadian aircraft AVRO-C.102-Jetliner

After the war Avro Canada started with some radical; and leading new designs. Canada was one of the first countries to built a jet airliner, although without success. However, their CF-100 all-weather and night fighter was mass produced and it was definitely equal or better than its American counterpart!

Tragedy of failure struck again with the very advanced CF-105 Arrow design. The Arrow was far superior than anything else flying around at that moment and only political pressure from its big neighbor caused the project to be finally canceled!

Even today the Canadian Bombardier Aerospace is still one of the leading aircraft manufacturers of light passenger planes and biz-jets!

Nico Braas