[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is not much of the kits of Su-25 available on market and one of the still worth offer is the Kopro kit in 1/48 scale. In the August 2010 this kit is released by Eduard as the Limited Edition kit and stock number of the kit is the 1150. Power injection included in this release did bring this kit into the new light and make it so attractive. What we have in this kit is the focus on the Brassin parts which greatly upgrade correct but with details poor basic kit.

Same box is very attractive and content is also impressive- full color instruction booklet, large and very colorful decal sheet, protective mask, two sheet of the etched parts, excellent resin parts and off course basic plastic kit. Build run smooth on some sections but on some is a little bit difficult. First steps in the build is the cockpit assembly but in this step you will make only some parts of the cockpit, such as bathtub with some panels. Rest you will do at the end, as the instruction note, as well it would be more easy for example to put the pilot seat at the end of assembly.

Eduard Su-25 kit 1150

Eduard Su-25 kit 1150

What present the problem is the assembly of the main parts of the engine nacelle as well merging with fuselage, there is some offset present so there is need much attention and time to match this parts properly and there will be also need for use of the model filler as well scriber if you lost some panels.

Options to finish of the kit is excellent, first at all you have good basic payload for the kit with the diagram of its usage and the second is the available camouflage versions. My choice is the sample used by naval aviation but you have few other options like the samples used in Afghanistan as well foreigner operators like the Czech Republic or Iraq.

Recommendation? Well, definitely not the kit for less experienced modeler but if you have time and skill there is not doubt that this kit will shine on your desk when you complete it. For more images of the kit as well model build progress please see this topic on our forum!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard