[dropcap]S[/dropcap]plendid is the best word which can describe Eduard kit of the famous Bell P-39 Airacobra. As well this war machines served on various combat zones and flew under various flags, it is great source and inspiration for model builders. September release from Eduard was maybe one of best done for this kit as well we get dual combo kit with very interesting markings all related to the New Guinea. Kit belong to the Limited Edition series and stock number is 1152.

I guess that you already know that this kits coming with etched parts, protective mask and few frets of precise mold plastic parts but what make this kit special is the small booklet with historic content about the P-39 operations over New Guinea. So after this build most of the material will be discarded but what left to you is the nice kit in your showcase and small booklet in your library. Author of the booklet is the Frantisek Sredl, the same booklet have 15 pages (front cover not counted…) and it is filled with text, selected archive images and classic and digital art. Small and cute historic package, worth to consider eventually small publishing edition in that manner.

Airacobra over New Guinea

Airacobra over New Guinea

Lets back to the kit… build going smooth and first target is the cockpit which is so detailed but in other hand easy to assemble. Whole interior is in the green color so there is not much problem to complete this fast, especially if you use acrylic paints. Alongside with this section can be prepared many small parts and wing can be completed too. Please note options which you plan to build as well inside wings you need to drill holes for some of the samples proposed for finishing.

Kit offer few versions (D,S,N,Q) and in regard to this you have few options of the various external elements to choose. Decals are provided for seven aircrafts and sample I decide to complete is the all black machine.

Great kit at all and very good product which is highly recommended! You can buy this kit direct here and you can see more model build images on our forum.

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard