[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince the moment I saw Eduard Bf-109 kit in 1/48 scale it was an absolute must have for me, and I got it and start building it, but then Eduard announced DB 601 Brassin engine… Although kit’s engine looks great, ever since I saw renders of Brassin Daimler Benz I had no doubt that I want that engine in my kit. Eduard Brassin 632003 set comes packed in an unusual box that is beautifully designed, believe me, when you see this box on the shelf of your local hobby store it will catch your eye.

Daimler Benz DB 601A/N engine

Daimler Benz DB 601A/N engine

Although I have seen this set on Eduard web page, it was not until I opened the box and saw the content myself that I become truly impressed. The box contains almost forty resin parts and two photoetched frets. The moldings are of exceptional quality, Eduard really gave its best with this one, paying attention to even the parts not actually visible once the engine is inserted in the kit. Casting blocks are present like on all resin parts, but thanks to the parts being well engineered removing them won’t damage any details. The main molding block is engine block itself, and all the details between the cylinders are visible. Eduard has also provided new cowl with detailed interior structure and beautiful rivet details on the surface. Surely it is meant to leave this cowling open and put on one of the sides, so the interior details could be seen in its true shine. The only part you need to add during the assembly process is a small fuse 0.3 mm wire used for ignition harnesses. The exhaust pipes are provided separately and each one looks very realistic. Eduard has nicely captured air intake on this set and it is just as it should be on DB 601. Engine installment on airplane is also highly detailed and I can only praise it. Nice addition by Eduard is supplying bonus resin tool bag and photoetched fret with bunch of tools nuts etc.

I have seen a quiet a few DB601 engines in various scales from 1/72 to 1/24 and definitely my favorite is this one. I still haven’t started building it and I will consider building a diorama with this engine perhaps just prior to installing in Bf-109E, since this level of details is surely pity to leave under hood. Judging on the number of parts this set requires experience in working with similar sets.

You can purchase this set directly here 632003 DB 601A/N engine 1/32


Darko Mladenovic

Sample provided by Jan Zdiarsky from www.eduard.com