[dropcap]J[/dropcap]unkers Ju-88 kampfgeschwader on the Russian front Combat aircraft book number 79 is November issue of Osprey publications. As other books from this series, this paperback book is also published on 96 pages with a lot of archive photos and with nice illustrations. Written by Osprey’s primary Luftwaffe author John Weal, this book really has a lot to offer to a reader. Nice set of illustrations selected and drawn by the author with, captions for all 30 selected profiles. Photos shown in this publications are very useful, and some of them I have never seen before.

Junkers Ju-88 Osprey

Junkers Ju-88 Osprey

The Ju 88, “Wunderbomber” was the main punch of the Luftwaffe’s bomber arm during the initial invasion of the Soviet Union and went on to provide critical ground support to the advancing Wehrmacht. This book tells the complete story of the Ju 88’s activities on the Eastern Front including their participation in the campaign against the arctic convoys and the several variants employed. In the war against the Soviet Union the Ju-88 bomber was employed in two major roles. Its primary function was as a tactical strike weapon supporting troops on the ground, but also saw a great deal of use behind the enemy lines. Ju-88 attacked communications, roads, railroads and sea transport routes. Publication is divided in following chapters:

  • Chapter one – Barbarosssa – Opening round
  • Chapter two – Barbarosssa – Decision deferred
  • Chapter three – Artic convoys
  • Chapter four – Stalingrad and after
  • Appendices

In chapter one author describes the period just after the battle of Britain and the preparation and early stage of operation Barbarossa. Stationing of the units and combat deployment in Russia is very well described.

Chapter two covers combat deployment in later stage of Barbarossa, author has noted some of the distinguished pilots and its crews, as well as decorations, units and other significant data. The fighting above the artic circle on the far north of the Russian territory was quiet different than the one raging in other parts of the Soviet Union. Mr Weal has dedicated third chapter of the book to this theatre of operations and the units involved as well as the battles that took place here. The last fourth chapter is reserved for the most fearsome battle on Russian front, Stalingrad…

It is interesting to note that in Appendices author has provided Ju-88 bomber strengths of the Russian front 1941-44, units, commanders, bases… every interesting detail is here.

In conclusion I can note that now when this book is published, Osprey has finally rounded this series about Ju-88. This is a nice book with lots of interesting information’s and photos. This book is highly recommended!

Darko Mladenovic

Sample book provided by Joseph McCullough, Marketing Coordinator Osprey Publishing and book can be purchased here!