Lavockin La-7 is one of the WW2 aircraft which really impress me and its appearance on the sky caused bitter days for the Messerschmitt  and Focke Wulf fighters and there is also claims against high tech fighter of the time- Me262. Its strong engine provide to La-7 excellent performance and laminated wood very strong structure. No matter how this fighter was good and interesting, there is not much attention pay to the kit manufacturers. Best kit coming from Eduard, and no matter of the scale, their kits are top in the offer. In the September 2010 Eduard has deliver on market new pack of their well known 1/48 kit, stock number 8098 and this kit belong to the Profipack series.

As well this is Profipack, you will find inside box regular plastic parts but Profipack extras include mask for wheels and transparent canopy, photo etched parts set, larger decal sheet with options to choose from several samples to build and off course- very informative assembly booklet in full color.

La-7 Eduard kit 8098

This is very the simple Eduard kit in 1/48 scale and easy to built. Most of the etched parts are concentrated in the cockpit but their use does not present any problem. Interior is painted in mid grey color and White Ensign provide excellent paint for this purpose but please note that proposed Gunze Sangyo color can also work well. As well wind can be assembled separately from fuselage, you can complete whole fuselage and wing works in one day and to get fuselage-wing-tail assembled in one day.

Not plan to be rivet counter but this kit in general have some issues. First at all- on page 3 of the assembly booklet is described assembly of the section C and this is panel with radio unit which is placed behind cockpit. As I know from manual and some images, this is not placed there at all, radio unit was deep in fuselage and area behind pilot was wide open, you can see just some bottles there as well control and distribution lines as well airframe structure. Second- on page 5 you have option to use part A30 if you make B plane from finishing pages and suggested not to use it if you work other samples. Well- this part is the cooling gills on nose front and if you does not use it you will have visible hole and inside nothing!! And inside have to be radial engine. Other bitter problem is that part A30 have attaching pin on which you have to place in final steps propeller/spinner assembly. Without part A30 you can not attach propeller…

No matter at this serious issues, this is still very good kit and this problems are easy to solve (I think that there is after market products but some Brassin edition will be more then welcome). Kit is really pleasure to build and look more then nice when completed. Do not hesitate to buy it and you can do that here! You can also see build on forum!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard

Samolet La-7, official aircraft manual
La5/7 in action, Hans- Heiri Stapfel, Squadron Signal Publication
Lavockin La-7, Milos Vestsik, MBI