When said ’Special Operations’, most people have impressions from scenes from B- production movie where main hero, with giant muscles, goes alone and win in fight against multiple numbered and armed enemy. In reality, our hero is in most cases family man who serves aboard adopted standard combat aircraft and in mission which is essential for the all others units and can have even strategic importance. Almost all countries in the world have special units and latest book from SAM Publications is about the US Air Force Special Operations Command.

Special Operations Command

This book have standard features of almost all of the SAM Publications books, it is soft cover, good designed, very fluid text, great number of images and appendix. Authors of the book are Rick Llinares and Andy Evans. Book have 128 full color pages.

Special operations in aviation is not new and in the introduction pages of the book is present early special operations of the US forces during the WW2. Following chapter is dedicated to the gunships and there are C-47 as well C-130 converted to have heavy weapons and held strikes against land targets. But attack is not the only sphere of the special operations and one of the important role is rescue missions. This chapter with excellent walkaround is filled with MH-53 Pave Low helicopter. In total eight combat machines are in detail presented here.

I need to note that book have a number of pages with excellent color profiles author Vincenzo Auletta. This book is worth to have as well there is not much publications which cover this area. Order book here!

Title: US Air Force Special Operations Command

Authors: Rick Llinares and Andy Evans

Type: soft-cover – A4 size

ISBN: 978-1-906959-21-0

Published by: SAM Publication, UK

Srecko Bradic

Sample book is provided by Gary Hatcher, Editor from SAM Publication