After the great scale model of the Su-7 released by Eduard, new kit from the Sukhoi family has been launch on market in June this year and this is Sukhoi Su-17/22 in 1/48 scale. The same as with the previous kit, this is not original Eduard designed product but it is greatly upgraded with the full range o the Eduard add on. Kit box look impressive with very nice color art which is excellent sample of the top industrial design. Kit stock number is 1149 and it belong to the limited edition products range.

So what we have inside? First at all there is four large frets of the grey molded plastic parts, one fret of transparent injected parts, excellent cockpit and seat set from the outstanding Brassin range, two sheet of the photo etched parts (one of them is with pre painted parts) and one mask sheet.

Eduard Sukhoi Su-17/22

No matter that you have huge number of parts, very good full color instruction booklet will help you to without difficulties run this build. As well this is complex product, it is recommend to take a look in this document and all of the box content and decide from the very start which kit to build as well it have some differences in external details. Except of the original Soviet version Sukhoi Su-17, you could be able to build export versions of this plane, Su-22. Decals support build of the Peruvian and Libyan version of the kit. Please note that Eduard have printed Libya national insignia in the not proper color but they attach two replacement roundels inside. As well this national insignia is simple square and roundels, it is not problem in that scale to make mask and paint it manually.

This is old dated kit and it have some specific features of the time when they have been designed. So parts need some maintenance before fit, and this can not be made very fast. Other specification is that this kit present aircraft with variable sweep wings so this mean that you need to assembly wings first and completely paint it (if you want even to apply decals) and then to join them with the other assemblies from the kit.

Sukhoi Su-17/22 is not everyday kit so it is worth to get it and take attention and time to build it. My personal observation state that this kit could be credited as started kit as well no matter of all parts add by Eduard, there is still much room to be done, specially inside of the wheel bay as well area of the cockpit canopy. If you compare it with available images and drawings you will realize that there is need to the scriber and re detail of the panels. No matter at all, finished it look very good and realistic and Eduard parts definitely bring this kit into the new dimension.

I really like this kit and I have enjoy time spent on build and I could also recommend it to you. You can buy this kit direct here and see on line build on our forum!

Srecko Bradic

Sample products is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard

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