Back in the early nineties when I started building model kits, finding a book about scale models was impossible. All those tips and tricks that are nowadays easy to find and learn were then very difficult and unknown. Today in the internet era all this techniques are reachable and it is easy to find them and understand and eventually to master all those techniques. You are probably wondering why I am writing all this, and the answer is the new Osprey masterclass edition book Aircraft Modelling by Brett Green. This is the book I always wanted to have. You may think I am sentimental but I like this kind of books.

Osprey masterclass Aircraft Modelling by Brett Green

The aircraft modeling hobby has undergone dramatic changes in the last ten years. New manufacturing technologies and the rise of China have combined to make this a golden age in terms of the variety and availability of models. But these advancements can also make the hobby intimidating for those starting out. In this new masteclass, Brett Green describes the kits, accessories, decals and references that are now available and demonstrates a wide variety of paint types, thinners and application methods in both words and pictures. He also covers painting effects such as mottling, soft-edged camouflage demarcation, masking and weathering. Author has explained the ways to upgrade your modeling skills through 13 chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Building a state-of-the-art injection-moulded kit straight from the box
  • Chapter 2: Building a new generation limited-run kit
  • Chapter 3: Working with resin conversions
  • Chapter 4: Improving a simple snap-together kit
  • Chapter 5: Working with large-scale resin kits
  • Chapter 6: Building a current generation long-run injection-moulded kit
  • Chapter 7: Upgrading an older kit with resin cockpit and wing fold
  • Chapter 8: Converting a model kit the old-fashioned way
  • Chapter 9: Kitbashing two mediocre kits for a better result
  • Chapter 10: Improving detail on an accurate injection-moulded plastic kit
  • Chapter 11: Upgrade and conversion using resin and photo-etch
  • Chapter 12: Adding detail to an older kit
  • Chapter 13: Sources and references
  • Index

Author will take you through from basic techniques and building the plastic Aircraft kit out of the box over the super detailing the kit using resin and Photo etched parts as well as some scratch build details right trough converting the scale kit. All these techniques are followed with plenty of photos of step-by-step process that is explained through text. This book may give you ideas for more creative modeling and will for sure help you to create more realistic and eye-catching models.

This book is an absolute must have, at least according to my opinion, and every modeler will find something interesting among 192 pages of this book. I can recommend this book to all beginners in scale modeling and to all other aircraft modelers. I am certain that even the most experienced modelers would benefit from reading this book. You can purchase this book directly from here!

Darko Mladenovic

Special thanks to Joseph McCullough, Marketing Coordinator Osprey Publishing for providing me this book for the review