My first association with L-60 was one very old kit, produced in East Germany and which was imported in Yugoslavia few decades ago and this kit was available almost everywhere, in every kind of shops. This kit was very simple and in the less standard scale. After this kit simply nothing was available for a long time, until the release brand new kit from AZ Model in the summer 2010. Pity that little attention was pay to this type as well it present something like the Bird Dog on West.  L-60 was very useful little airplane, capable to do various duty and to be used both by military as well civilian operators.

L-60 Brigadyr

Thanks to the AZ Model we have now on market two excellent kits of this plane in 1/72 scale and main difference is the engine used in this kits.  Kits stock numbers are AZCZ 36 and AZCZ 37. Box design capture well known old style seen before on KP boxes. Content in both kits are two frets of the injected molded plastic (identical in both kits),  photo etched parts, printed instrument panel, resin nose, instruction leaflet and decals. Resin part make largest difference and they are present engine and two different types are made. First kit contain in line engine while the another kit have radial engine.

Parts are nice molds with crisp details on it and etched metal parts give great value to the assembly of the kit. In both cases decals are given for the few airplane samples and they are very colorful, what make this kit even more attractive. This is very rare kit so it deserve all attention to the modelers and no doubt that it is worth to have it. In the above gallery you have extracted details from the archive images of the original airplane and hope it will be of great help in the kit modeling.

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Filip Tomci from AZ Models