British combat airplane Hawker Siddeley Harrier have its very important place in aviation history as well it is very first airplane with vertical take off and landing which is deployed in the operational service and it is still in use. It start its operational career in the late ’60 and it is still in use in the first decades of the 21. century. Harrier is produced in many variants and used by several operators. Soviet VTOL aircraft designed by Yakovlev did not last long in service and did not see combat service as the Harrier did. Basic idea of Harrier was to deliver close support aircraft, which could operated close to the front line but it did much more.

Harrier MDF book

SAM Publications deliver Harrier book in their well known series of MDF books and author of the book is Andy Evans. Book follow all of the features of the MDF series, 128 pages, soft cover, full color. Book cover all of the Harrier variants which were build and flown and it start with the Kestrel which is used to develop VTOL operations, what was unknown field in the sixties. General content is in the five chapters but there is also separated appendix which cover specific area of the Harrier.

As well this is dedicated to the plastic modeler, this book have section with plastic kits and accessories. Kits are very good presented with few of the model builds which cover few manufacturers and models and there is list of the all available scale products related to this aircraft.

Book have great number of excellent images, extract from manuals and blueprints, fold out technical drawings, color profiles. This book is the all in one products and offer all essential info in one place. Content is very good designed and text and content easy to follow. Book is definitely recommended!

Srecko Bradic

Sample book is provided by Gary Hatcher, Editor from SAM Publications