Milestone in the plastic kit development was the moment when the Verlinden has released on market various upgrade sets based on the etched brass and casted urethane resin. Today this method of plastic kit enhancement become widely used and absolute superior in the field is Eduard from Czech Republic. Many of you have for sure chance to use any of their set for kit upgrade and no doubt that they contain a number of so fine and small details. So- how to control this small parts? Tweezers? Which one- standard, sharp point, reverse action…

Shesto Pick & Place tool

Forget about the tweezers, there is much better tool, so simple and with outstanding hold and positioning capabilities. Tool I talk about is the Shesto’s Pick & Place tool. This tool is small plastic handle of pearl color, with metal thin rod and with bubble head made of sticky acrylic resin with very good tackling properties. This tool coming in three sizes but any of them could be used without problem with even the finest etched part.

Handling is very easy, you simply put the tool head on the selected part (previously removed from frame and cleaned up) and put it where you want it to be. Hold it some time and with easy adjust position and wait until the cement fix it. Put away tool and part stay right where you wanted to be. Fast, easy, precise!!! Head is covered with cap and when you remove cap to work with tool, you simply place it on the tool body back side. This will secure this cap of possible loose. Manufacturer recommend that tool head have to be roll over self adhesive tape and this remove various dirt which reduce adhesion properties of head.

The Pick & Place tool is published in the Shesto news release for the 2010 and there is following sizes available:

  • PTW131 Small (Red head)
  • PTW132 Medium (Blue head)
  • PTW133 Large (Green head)

No matter that this product is reviewed here on the aviation enthusiast web site, this product is welcome to widely use and in every need where you have to pick up anything small so you can use it for jewelry, fishing tools… your imagination is your only limit!

I am wonder how could I live without this tools all of this years!!!

Bradic Srecko

Sample products is provided by Dan Delic, Commercial Director of Shesto Ltd.