My personal opinion is that the acrobatic aircrafts are most attractive and very nice shaped flying machines and their performance on air show is great pleasure to watch. One of the best known name in the world of the acrobatic aircrafts is the Czechs producer Zlin. One of the great model from their family is the Zlin 50 and in May 2010 on marked is delivered very interesting kit of this plane, in 1/48 scale and manufacturer is AZ Model from Czech Republic.

Kit stock number is AZ 4822 and it come in nice illustrated box.  Inside is the three frets of the grey plastic parts, one transparent part, one sheet of the photo etched parts, two sheet of the decals and instruction leaflet. As usual, painting schemes are printed on the back of the kit box. Plastic parts are good molded, well engraved and with good rest of the surface details. All of the details I could find on the images available on Internet was also present there on the kit.

Zlin 50

I can not say that build of this kit is straightforward and as well there is need for the fittings of parts, some skill are required so this can not be credit as the kit for the beginner. During the interior assembly I have made some changes and I have paint some structure elements in the medium green color as well I have noted this on the available images. Thanks to the photo etched part, interior can be made very detailed. During the build kit have need to be very carefully filed on the wing to fuselage join line and I have used both liquid as well standard model filler.

All of the proposed samples for finishing have very simple basic coat of the polished aluminum and the bottom in the area is red color. The rest is given by decals. Interesting to note is that polished metal bottom surface is given as decal and I was a little disappointed in first moment when I have seen this. But when apply on surface this decal give really good presentation of the real metal so solution is good. General note is that much care have to be taken during the decals application as well they are so thin.

Definitely this is not an few days project but the result is the very beautiful scale model of Zlin 50. If you like that type of plane, have some modeling skills, this is kit for you!!

Bradic Srecko

Sample kit is provided by Jaroslav Osten from AZ Models