Most frequent news regarding to the Spitfire new injected kits coming from AZ Models and their nice series of the Spitfire kits. In the April was released few new samples and subject of this article is the Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk. XVIIIe. As you have note from the name, this is the photo reconnaissance version of the Spitfire. Other feature of this Griffon powered series is the all round view canopy. AZ Model kit have stock number AZ 7276 and the kit is in the 1/72 scale. Markings are given for the four machines and in the usual manner of the manufacturer, camouflage finish instruction are printed at the back of the box.

What you het inside is the two frets with the grey plastic parts as well one clear canopy. No matter that kit in general have no much of the parts, it is very good detailed, simply to build and precisely engraved. Same building is very straightforward and it can be run into the two paralel assembly build. One is the assembly of the cockpit canopy and the another which could be run in the same time is the wing assembly as well landing gear assembly. In regard of what type of cement you are using and what type of the paint you are using, you can make kit assembly in one day.

Spitfire FR Mk. XVIIIe

Few thing I would like to point about the assembly- first at all kit should have transparent round window on the fuselage, behind the canopy, this is place where is the camera placed. This is not done in the kit so this is on you to alter this window. Another point is the underwing pito tube, kit part 30. As well on the place where it is placed, on the kit have to be put national insignia decal, it is best not to cement it during the assembly but when the kit is completely painted and cover with appropriate decals.

My choice of the final kit finish pay to the plane from the No. 208 Sq, serial TZ 233 and fuselage code letter T. This kit have very interesting camouflage pattern where is the Medium Sea Grey at the top and the Dark Earth and Light Slate Grey at the top. I have used Vallejo as well Revell acrylic paints for final painting. What I have to note is the national insignia roundels- they are smaller then they have to be and colors are not dull as it have to be. I have seen only one image of this airplane and whole machine is very weathered.

In general this is very nice kiit, easy to build to all level of modelers. Nice add from AZ Model and hope that they will continue with more interesting release.

Sample kit is provided by Jaroslav Osten from AZ Model

Srecko Bradic