Spitfire offer are growing every month and in this moment largest offer coming from the AZ Model from Czechs Republic. Their 1/72 range of kit of this airplane are rapidly grown up with the number of new releases and in March 2010 two brand new kits are released. One kit is the sample machine flown by famous Douglas Bader and the another machine, presented in this review, is the Mk. Ia flown by the two Czechoslovakian pilots. This kit is in the 1/72 scale and have stock number AZCZ35. Top box have very nice combat art with the Spitfire Mk.I downing one Bf109E over channel.

Inside is two frets of parts in grey plastic as well one clear canopy part. This kit have very crisp molded parts and very precise engravings over the surface. No doubt that manufacturer give best effort to use maximum accurate data to make this kit. Plastic is soft and very easy to work with it. In general this kit have just enough parts need to make kit. Assembly sheet is very clear and easy to follow. I have to note that you have no parts number on the frets but as well there is not much of parts and the numbers are noted on the front page of assembly leaflet, it is not problem at all to build the kit.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Ia

Kit could be built very fast. Canopy is good basic detailed and if you are not fan of the super detailing, all you need to add is the photo etched seat belts. Cockpit interior fit perfect with fuselage. Wing assembly is a little bit difficult and you have to sand the trailing edge from inside of the lower wing half, part number 3. After that wings could be perfect joined and then placed on fuselage assembly section. Another problem I have experienced with cockpit canopy and in this reason rear section is a little narrow so clamps have to be used to press this area on fuselage to fit to the canopy.

Instruction is simple made and what I miss is the another side view. Decals are very quality and inside was two sheet, one with the basic inscriptions and the another with the national insignia and unit markings. My choice is the first machine shown on box, flown by P/O J. Muzika. What I have note is that on the box art this machine is shown with two plates over the exhaust but as well I could not find any image of this machine, I did not add it but please note about this feature if you decide to build this kit.

Very good kit and I warmly recommend it!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jaroslav Osten from AZ Model