Spiteful belong to the great family of fighters and it is direct development of the famous Spitfire. Very interesting to note is that first version of the Spiteful was marked as model XIV and the main reason is because it is made from the various conversion from the standard Spitfire Mk. XIV. Maiden flight was first flown on 30 June 1944 with test pilot Jeffrey Quill at controls. Introducing of the jet fighters into service limited deployment of this type into the service. Interesting to note that from this type was also developed later deck operated jet plane, Supermarine Attacker.

Spiteful scale model

This very interesting machine is not common subject of the aircraft kit manufacturers so this is very great thing that well known manufacturer AZ Models has deliver brand new kit on the market in March 2010. Kit is in the 1/72 scale and the kit item is AZ 7299. Box have very nice art on the front side and camouflage and markings scheme at the back side. All kit parts coming on only one fret of grey plastic and another small contain transparent cockpit canopy. Machinery work on the parts are excellent, parts are very crisp and very precise details.

Assembly of the kit is very easy and could be done very fast. Some details are noted in assembly leaflet so I would like to make some points in this way. Cockpit assembly could be much better and faster if you cut slot in the rear canopy and this slot use to set in position of the rear cockpit fuselage frame, part no 9 in kit. What is also have to be made is very small scallop which is placed on the starboard side of the engine cowling. I find also that under nose air intake is a little bit wider so it is recommended to sand its half’s before join it in its position. In the attached images you will note some of the external details.

All images I have in the collection show that Spiteful have sharp demarcation lines of the camouflage colors so take a note of this and use tape or any other method you prefer. In the decals are provided option to make two samples operated by RAF and one ‘What If’ sample with imagined Israeli markings.

Kit could be described as the excellent optimized kit as well it is good shaped, easy to assemble and it is possible to be made also by the less experienced modelers. No doubt that expert modeler could upgrade it into the top wining kit as well the same kit is very good base of this. With this kit AZ Model continue with their excellent products in the 1/72 scale and some of the kits are really rare subjects.

This product is highly recommended!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jaroslav Osten from AZ Models