Since January 2010 Eduard released on the market a new line, “Eduard Brassin”. Brassin line from Eduard is really new look on the resin and photo-etched technologies and that there is no just brass applied on resin, but that this is a symbiosis between the two technologies. The resin parts are developed using our HI 3D technologies (still not common on the resin producers) and the photo-etched has background in the long-time Eduard experience in that matter.

F-16 Brassin 1/48 set for Tamya kit

The samples I received for review include sets:

648 001 F-16 early seat 1/48 – link

648 005 F-16 early wheels 1/48 – link

Beside these two sets Eduard also released two more sets:

648 007 F-16 late wheels 1/48 – link

648 006 F-16 wheels A/B 1/48 – link

New Eduard Brassin line comes packed in beautiful blister plastic package with clear assembly instructions, painting guide is not included so you should look for further references about that. Quality of these sets is absolutely amazing, resin parts are beautifully molded with highest level of details, and the photo etched parts are provided for the details not molded in resin like all sort of placards and things. I must state that resin quality is excellent and that it is easy to work with, you can even use regular hobby knife to cut the Eduard resin which came as a true surprise to me.

Since I like to test the product during the review, I kind a looked in my stash for F-16 kit in 1/48 scale but unfortunately I haven’t had a Tamiya kit which is recommended to be used with Eduard Brassin sets, so an Italeri kit had to be used in order to compare parts that need to be replaced. It was obvious that Brassin looks much more realistic than Italeri original parts, and the seat easily slip into the cockpit.

I started building the Brassin seat by removing it from mold blocks and cleaning the parts. Next step was to assemble the seat and prime it . After primer I sprayed my seat with Model Master FS 36231 as a base color for the early ACES II seat used on F-16. After that it was easy to add photo-etched parts on it and to paint some details like seat cushion. I mixed some artistic paints to do a wash in order to emphesise some details, and the work was completely done.

However, I must mention wheels set that includes resin wheels, small PE fret and masks for painting, they can’t be compared with the Italeri wheels since Eduard’s  wheels are much more detailed, but they will fit on the kit.

As Eduard announced F-16 engine I am looking forward to test that set too. I believe judging on these two Brassin set I tested that that engine will be best detailed F-16 engine available on the market.

Eduard Brassin is a great new line from Eduard, details and combination of resin and photo etched parts are simply amazing. I hope that Eduard Brassin line will grow and that more sets will be available very soon for different subjects. These sets really add realistic note to F-16 kit so I can highly recommend this set.

Darko Mladenovic

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard