Serie Pod Lupa is known to me for a some times already since I have in my modest library their first monograph P-51A, A-36 Mustang. Ace publication has done a great work once again with their monograph about Me-163 Komet. This publication contains all the things modeller needs, nice set of profiles and drawings in scale as well as walk around gallery and archive photos. The monograph is published on Polish, but has captions in English. The monograph contains 36 pages, with softcover and features all the major Komet versions Me-163 A, Me-163 B, Me-163 C, Me-163 D, Me-163 S as well as some derivative planes like Me-263 and Japanese J8M1 Shushui.

Me 163 Pod Lupa No. 14

Beside historical background monograph provides marking and painting guide for Komet’s served in Luftwaffe, VVS, RAF, USAAF, French L’arme de l’ air and Japanese air force.

Special part of this monograph is dedicated to us, modelers, with the list of available models and accessories in all scales. Nice drawings are given just in 1/72 scale unlike their monograph number 15 – PZL P.24 which contains drawings in 1/48 scale as well, but no fuss it is important that the drawings are good quality. Some nice photos and drawings of cockpit interior are also provided, and by my humble opinion, they will be useful once I start building my kits.

This monograph is just enough documentation that every modeller needs, not to big but not to small, so I believe that Ace Publication has done a great job with this publication.

This publication is highly recommended!

Sample provided by Przemyslaw Skulski from Ace Publication

Darko Mladenovic