Spitfire was a beautiful and very successful airplane, and Spitfire mk Vc was it’s most produced subtype. The Spitfire Mk. Vc introduced the “universal” wing which enabled this variant to be fitted with various combinations of armament, including four 20mm cannon and four .303 machine guns. The universal wing also used a strengthened landing gear that had been moved two inched forward to correct the Spitfire’s tendency to nose over on its propeller. In addition, the Spitfire Mk. Vb and Mk. Vc could carry two 250-pound bombs or one 500-pound bomb.

Spitfire cover art

For a long time no plastic model of this plane in 1/48 scale could be found on the market. Eduard released in it’s Limited Edition Series a great MPM kit adding a beautiful double photo etched frets and Resin exhausts.

89 plastic parts
Contains resin exhausts
Contains RAF Fighter Crew figures
Color photo-etched details
4 camouflage variants
Color instruction sheet

This model is beautifully molded in light gray plastic and not much flash is present considering this is Limited-edition run model. No sink marks or ejector pin marks are visible on kit. Surface details are wonderful panel lines are crisp and just as they should be, not too deep and not too shallow. Fabric surfaces are nice and neat and raised screws on front part of the fuselage are subtle.

Cockpit is very high detailed and Eduard provided excellent instrument panel in their manner to replace plastic one. Most photo etched parts are to be installed in the cockpit but some parts are intended to replace some parts of undercarriage like wheel wells, undercarriage doors etc. Eduard also included masks for accurate painting of the canopy and wheels, they are precise and accurate. This kit contains both De Havilland and Rotol type Propeller.

Instruction sheet is very clear and everything is well marked, painting instructions are given in Gunze Sangyo colors. Painting instructions are on the separate sheet and Eduard provided Marking options for four airplanes.

Marking Options:

SEF736, GR II/33 Savoie, Fall, 1944
J-MC, AB509, No. 142 Wing RAF, early June, 1944
J-MC, AB509, No. 142 Wing RAF, late June, 1944
WR-O, JK792, No. 40 Squadron SAAF, Sicily, 1944

Decals are good quality as we used to with Eduard, they are very thin and glossy. At the first look when I saw the box art I already knew which one I will build. Box art is really attractive and French Spit looks most interesting.

Special bonus with this kit is RAF Fighter Crew figures, and they are a story for itself. All figures are beautifully molded and in some rather useful positions, good figures come in handy to any modeler sooner or later. They are ideal for building some diorama.

Eduard’s Spitfire LF Mk Vc is an excellent choice, for any modeler who wishes a great model of low-altitude fighter Spitfire Mk Vc. Being myself a great fan of the Spitfire, I will get few more for my stash and this one is going on my workbench.

This product is highly recommended

Darko Mladenovic

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard