This little book, introduced in 2007, is one of a series of monographs (no. 5) released by Dutch Profile of aircraft types used by Dutch forces in the past .  Driving person behind this is Mr. Luuk Boerman.

Author of the book is a specialist on this field: mr. Frits Gerdessen.  All research on camouflage colours and markings has been done under the supervision of LuukBoerman. In 56 pages, a detailed record is given on:

-Peacetime and wartime operational uses
-Use of a single D-XXI in the Netherlands East Indies
-Design. development and orders
-Individual history of each Dutch D.XXI

Line up of the famous Dutch fighter plane

The books is illustrated with 90 photographs, exclusively on the Dutch aircraft; the D-XXI’s from Finland, Denmark and the single type that went to Spain are only very briefly discussed and maybe this will be material for future Dutch Profile volumes! Further, a number of coloured profiles is given,  including top and bottom views.

Most remarkable is the fact that the D-XXI’s colour ‘sandy brown’ that always has been used in colour material until now, is in fact a grey-scale colour (‘beige’) and the book consequently remarks that the replica that is now on static show at the Militaire Luchtvaart Museum at Soesterberg has the wrong colours!

Much emphasis is given on detail of the plane and its various colour schemes, including the schemes used by the Luftwaffe on captured D-XXI’s. That means that is more a book for model aircraft builders interested in the history of the plane they are building rather than a book for aviation historians.  For the last group,  Peter de Jong’s book is of course recommended, although this is strictly in the French language.  At least this Dutch Profile is bilingual in Dutch and English.

Since the book is more dedicated to the model builder,  some details are given on available kits and, more important,  a decal sheet is shown that can be used for both 1/72 and 1/48 scale kits.  Decal sheet can also be ordered at Dutch Profile!

Book details:

Title: Fokker D.XXI History, camouflage and markings
Authors: Frits Gerdessen and Luuk Boerman
Type: soft-cover – A4 size
ISBN: not given
Price: 15 EURO + P & P
Order your copy: see
Published by:
Dutch Profile
Kerkstraat 2
2471 AP Zwammerdam
The Netherlands
Free copy provided for review by mr. Luuk Boerman.

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Nico Braas