The Grumman F4F Wildcat was an American carrier-based fighter that began service with both the United States Navy and the Fleet Air Arm in 1940. Although first used in combat by the British in Europe, the Wildcat would become the primary carrier fighter for the first year and a half of the United States Navy’s involvement in World War II in the Pacific Theater. The FM Wildcat, built by General Motors, remained in service throughout the remainder of the war on escort carriers, where larger and heavier fighters could not be used.

Eduard Big Edition BIG4902 for Grumman Wildcat

Big thing come in November 2008 from Eduard and this is the super detail pack for Grumman Wildcat in 1/48 scale manufactured by Hobby Boss. This big pack are completed with previous pack made by Eduard and inside of the cardboard envelope you will find one mask set as well four etched parts details.

First at all I would like to mention the mask inside the package. This mask have item number EX 246 and have cover all necessary areas on the kit which have to be protected during the painting job. Cockpit canopy is covered as we expect but also there is cover for the wheels as well for the windows at the belly of the fuselage.

Set 48589 inside the pack include full range of photo etched parts for the Grumman Wildcat landing flaps. Main parts are the same flap tabs and over it have to be cemented great number of ribs and the other structure elements. Parts are very precise made and there should be take care with assembly. Not only the flaps are given but also flaps box inside the wings with similar number of the very precise parts and final result is definitely super detailed flaps section of the kit.

Mask from Grumman Wildcat

Next big area where could be made improvements on the basic kit is the engine and undercarriage area. There coming the Eduard set 48590 with bulk of parts in etched metal. Two instruction leaflets are provided and one is for the engine installation, wires lines, and the other one is engine and landing gear instruction leaflets. For the engine wire should be take a note during the assembly as well this parts have to be included during the assembly of the basic kit plastic parts. Also engine has to be complete painted before this step. Work on the detailing of the engine compartment will have as result that entire area will be truly transformed as well not only small parts are included as details but whole area like the walls from inside and engine firewall. The same engine firewall is story for it self as well it have to be completed with a number of the etched parts from set and this will create very authentic structure of the section. Landing gear include new wheel covers, new landing gear door but also number of small additional etched parts.

If all of this is not enough you have one new set and this one is 48594 for the armament bay in the wings. Some surgery has to be made and first step in the instruction state that cover panel has to be open from the top surface of the wing. Interior is made basically from the armament bay box with the great number of parts fixed on it. This include all possible structure details for the same housing but also details like the ammunition belts. Best at all is that complete new access panel are provided for the final assembly and they are discard original plastic from kit and off course give much realistic appearance of the section.