North Weald Airfield was established as a military airfield during the First World War. It continued to be used as a military base between the wars and was an important Royal Air Force base in the Second World War. North Weald is also home to Aces High who specialise in providing aircraft for use in films.

MiL-24 helicopter

Following airplanes are presenyed on the images bellow:

BAC Strikemaster Mk 84 s/n 311, BAC Jet Provost Mk 52, Folland Gnat T1 s/n XR538, Folland Gnat T1 s/n XS111, Douglas C-47B  Skytrain, DHC1 Chipmunk s/n 1377, Percival Provost T1 s/n XF690, Curtiss P-40M Kittyhawk s/n 49, Mil Mi-24D Hind s/n 03 RED, Beagle A61 Terrier 2 s/n TW641, Fokker S-11 Instructor s/n 174, Douglas C-47 s/n 2100884, Douglas C-54 s/n 44-42914, Douglas C-54 s/n 56498, Stinson L-5C Sentinel s/n 298177

Robert Hodgson