Eduard hold the leading position in the manufacturing of the many modelers products and one of them is the quick mask. Idea of quick mask is to reduce modelers engagement about protecting of some areas before painting and most sensitive are transparencies. Quick mask reduce much time in covering and protecting of this area and give maximum quality in the same protection as well quality of the shapes.

B-24 quick mask

In the August release are set CX220 and this set is intended for the protection of the various details on the Hasegawa model of Consolidated B-24J in 1/72 scale. This small sized paper contains all pre cut shapes for precision protection of the many of the transparent parts of the plane. It is not only about the crew compartment but also many of the gunner turrets on the kit and their transparencies. Most complex for protection is the belly ball turret but even for this section is provided all shapes. Of course some area have to be additionally protected by protection coat or gel for full area covering.

There is a selected images of the preserved B-24 and author of images is Michael Charette. Images are from the Castle Air Museum, in USA.  It is a model B-24M, then from the RAF Museum in Hendon, UK.  This one is a B-24L-20-FO, few from the Canadian National Museum of Aviation, this one is a model GR.VIII and most are of the B-24J stored at the Pima Air & Space Museum in Arizona. I am sure that close up details would be of great to help to every modeler.

Images bellow shows the actual subject and its transparent parts. They are so many as you can see.

Author grant thank to the Michael Charette and Kevin Gray for their invaluable help in preparation of this article. Archive images coming from Tulsa Air and Space Museum and images of preserved plane is author Michael Charette. His personal web site is here and do not hesitate to visit it!

Srecko Bradic

Archive images: Tulsa Air and Space Museum

Sample product is provided by Jana Slulcova from Eduard