In 1945 A. Yakovlev were designed new version of the famous Yak-3 fighter with radial air cooled AS-82FN engine. With this 1630 HP engine this model had reached 710 km/ph but it was not taken for the series production. Prototype was armed with two SVAK machine guns. Designated Yak-3U this plane was lighter in weight than Yak-3. As well that was the end of the war this plane was not chosen for the series production but it led the way for the new version Yak-11which still fly today. Also there were made test with Yak-7 with same type radial of radial engine and results was also successful but final destiny was the same as for the Yak-3. Close end of war cut both project.

Yak-7M-82This is the photo of the Yak-7 fighter equipped with M-82 radial engine. Detail of interesting is the lack of the national insignia. It could be that this fighter wear mid war low level fighter camouflage pattern. Engine cowling is lavockin type.

Srecko Bradic

Photo- G. F. Petrov