A little is known about the Messerschmitt Me262 in Soviet service. In the war Soviet hade a limited combat contact with this type of plane and most of them happen in the last month of war. Soviet pilot called this plane “Stahl”. German pilot claimed five victories over Soviet pilots and three Il-2 and two Yak-9 was downed. At least one of plane was downed by Soviet fighter and that was claimed as a victim of La-7 fighter. Closes unit to the Soviet front was JG7 which operated from Prague/Ruzyne airfield and before moved from there this unit engaged Soviet columns in a number of hazardous ground attacks. Small part of JG7 remained still in Ruzyne and unit was called Gefechtsverband Hogenback and they continued in actions against the Soviet troops.

Me262 Soviet

Me262 SovietAfter the war among the many of type of plane captured by Soviet red Army was also Me262. This photo presented one of this plane in post war test service. It had standard late and post war camouflage and insignia. It is obvious that captured German war material give influence in the post war development in the Soviet Union as well on the west.

Srecko Bradic

Photo- G.F. Petrov, Color profile- Srecko Bradic