A computer cut mask for accurate canopy frame and wheel hub’s painting is a great addition for building scale models. Leader in production of this masks is Eduard who released in January 2008 set EX 238 for their kit Yak-3 Weekend edition in 1/48 scale. Inside small plastic bag you will find neatly die-cut computer cut mask sheet and instruction sheet. Instruction sheet is simple and clear and masks are top quality, highly resistant to all types of colors. I painted my canopy using nitro based color and it has left not a single trace.

Eduard set EX 238 contains masks for both versions of canopy offered in kit open or closed, and no matter which one you choose they fit perfectly. Only thing you should do is use the toothpick to peel off the mask in order to prevent possible color leak under the protective mask. Since this set doesn’t fully covers the canopy it is suggested by Eduard that a modeler use some kind of Mascol when painting the canopy, but I decided to use remaining self adhesive tape from this set just to show that a modeler doesn’t need to use any other product with this set, way to go Eduard! For mask removing you can use wooden toothpick in order not to scratch the canopy, and you’ll get a great result.

Wheel hub’s mask fits perfectly and the result is outstanding, first step is to paint tires then to apply mask provided in Eduard set using the same method as masking the canopy and then to paint hub’s.

The die-cut mask for accurate canopy frame painting of the Yak-3 Weekend edition in 1/48 scale set No EX 238 is simple to use and saves time and I can highly recommend this Eduard’s mask.

Darko Mladenovic

Sample kit was provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”