No need to tell anything special about the famous US fighter plane Grumman Hellcat. Introducing of this aircraft into the units in Pacific resulted in moving advantage in the air combat on the US side. Fast, maneuverable, good armed and strong construction Hellcat gives important influence into the final victory in the WW2.

Grumman HellcatAirplane of that fame could not be skip by many of manufacturers and for a years there was available many of the scale kits of this airplane. In the February 2008 complete new tool kit is released from “Eduard” and kit is in the 1/48 scale. Starting from the box art and to the last detail this kit is very nice in any aspect. What catch my eye is the somehow different philosophy influenced in the design of this kit. While the previous new release was complex products [like the Fw190 and Bf110], this kit were keep simple and even with the all photo etched parts this kit is very easy to build. Sample I have received I have very slow build and this is made in ten days into the miracle kit.

Inside of the box could be found few frets with the injected kit parts, one of them is transparent, pack with photo etched parts, mask for protecting during the painting and off course- A4 full color excellent assembly instruction. I recommend reading carefully this instruction first and from the very start choosing one of the versions for the painting of the kit. Reason for this is that in the kit is provide two type of engine cowling and it differ from the final version you like to finish.

I have start building by overall spray of the interior green used on this fighter. My choice for this interior color is a little bit darker then proposed by the instruction and this color is medium green. Also one special note is that the areas behind the pilot seat have to be light grey and as well this is visible through the small windows behind the sliding hood, I find it is important to paint it. During this initial work have to be drill the holes if you want to use drop tank or bombs provided in kit. I wanted to keep it as clean as possible so I did not do that.

Assembly of the cockpit interior take most time in the beginning and the other assembly which is a little bit complex is the main undercarriage as well it have few small parts in assembly. Good things is that every part have very precision place were to fix it so even this job could be made fast. Alongside could me made wings as well horizontal tail.

If the all this parts are already assembled main shape assembly could be done very fast., This include joining fuselage half’s with included interior. As well parts fit very good, just some 15 minute after the fuselage cementing could be attached wings and tail. Engine could be also place in this step but it is not necessary and maybe is better to place it at final assembly. This is because this will avoid need to protect it during the camouflage painting.

Before final painting whole airplane could be assembled. Undercarriage with its interior is whole in the underside white and only wheels are in the natural tire color but as well this is separate part, this could be with easy fit at the very end of the modeling. Camouflage could be made very easy and I recommend first to spray white color and upon this color medium blue color. After that drying is recomeded in regard to type of color used. Next color to be spray is the semi gloss blue on the top of the horizontal tail and wings as well non specular sea blue on the top of the fuselage. This two color look almost the same and main difference is the final appearance- one is semi gloss and the other one is flat.

Kit maybe have some possible problems in the shape of the cowlings but in general view it look very good, panels and details are more then nice done, assembly steps are very clear and easy to follow and camouflage pattern for this airplane very attractive. Kit is really cute and worth to have it. Highly recommended.

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit was provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”