Appearance of the German Albatros fighter plane over the front present real disaster to the allied forces who have faced it in combat. That was compact built aircraft, with strong wooden fuselage, with in line engine and two synchronized machine guns forward firing and installed in nose. Many of the famous German fighter aces made scores and glory on this fighter type.

Albatros D.IIRelease of the “Eduard” scale kit in 1/48 scale of this famous airplane don’t present any disaster to anyone- this kit present real pleasure to build. This kit has several of its releases and focus of this issue will be on their December 2007 release. Kit have number 8082 and its coming with all of the features of the limited edition series- photo etched metal parts, protective masks and decals for the four sample airplanes. Box art is at the “Eduard” top level.

Building of the kit is very easy. First at all I recommend to spray the entire airplane with some pale wood color like teak as well this will be excellent base for the later detailing painting. Many of the details coming in the few of the dark wood colors or in the various metal colors. Some parts inside of the cockpit are metal so they have to be metal color too. It is so easy and in one day all the paint job could be done on the interior even if the enamel color is used. This have to be noted as well “Eduard” recommend for their kit use of the acryl paints made by “Gunze Sangyo” from Japan.

Alongside with the cockpit assembly could be made engine assembly. This is very good shaped and made section but for sure could be extra enhanced by adding of the various wires details and for this should be found some of the images of the presented engine.

In the fuselage half’s have to be placed frames and engine mounting plate before going into the further assembly. On this frames is mounted all of the small detail parts of the cockpit. Special threat has to pointed to the seat as well it have number of the metal parts for the pilot belts. And with these details and few more inside of cockpit this overall look is very realistic. All this parts are captured between fuselage shell but from the open cockpit much of details are clearly visible.

Final pattern is so typical for the Albatros fighters. Whole fuselage with the vertical tail is made of wood and remained in this natural color. Protection is made with shellac so this give glossy appearance and the hue of the wood are yellow. Top and bottom of the wings and horizontal tail are camouflaged. Light blue color was used for the fuselage underside and three camouflage colors for the top side and they are brown, light green and pale green colors.

Sample presented on these images is the airplane flown by Lt. d. R. Robert Dycke from Jasta 16b. He had scored two aerial victories but after one accident he did not fly any more.
This kit is for sure real pleasure to built and even equipped with photo etched parts it is easy to build. Kit is much recommended. Read related article about Albatros D.V scale kit

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit was provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”