One of the well knows combat helicopter is for sure Soviet Mil Mi-24.Many books and articles are written about this great machine but if you are looking for the powerpack publication about this war craft machine then you should take “HT Model” Special publication number 904.

Mil-24This is soft cover publication and it is focused on the Mi-24 operated by the Slovakia. Publication has 40 inner pages and it is full color publication. Language is Slovakian but this should not be a problem as well great number of images is multilingual. First two pages give text about the history of the Mi-24 with brief technical data information. Inside of this text three versions are specially mentioned, version D, DU and V. This data clearly show that this is high performance helicopter with very high speed of 335 km/h.

Mi-24 is made very specific and not like the other attack helicopter. It was made under the Soviet doctrine of war and this give some multi role capability and except of the attack this could carry troops for anti tank missions.
Starting from page 5 this publication provides a great number of the very detailed images of the sections of the Mi-24. So first to come is the external overall view on the helicopter and there goes with the images from pilot cockpit. Pilot compartment accommodate two crew members, one is pilot and the other is operator. They seat in the stepped positions so both of them have nice view from cockpit. Thing which first catch eye is the blue green interior color, very specific color used in Soviet warplanes, while the most of the instruments and seats are black color. Cockpit door are side opening type so author was able to give excellent close up images of interior. Pilot cockpit is front and rear operator seat is presented on images on pages 8 and 9.

Following two pages are for the cargo troop’s cockpit in the middle of the Mi-24. Starting from page 12, a great number of photo pages is displaying all major section of the Mi-24- main landing gear, nose wheel, tail boom with anti missile launcher, detail images of tail rotor and control surfaces, engine, transmission, engine compartment, details of engine cowling and installations, fans, air vent installation, optic sensors, acquisition units, USPU-24 multi barren gun under the nose, small wing on the fuselage side with hard points for the weapons. Very interesting is close up images of some of the missiles mounted under the wings. Mil-24 could carry wide variety of ordnance, from unguided missiles, guided missiles, gun pods and even bombs. On page 30 are the graphically presented hard points of the Mi-24 and all possible armament mountings.
After this very interesting close up, book show small galley of the Mi-24 and some are took in flight and some on ground. Camouflage starts from the page 33 and there is large number of the color profiles with wide variety of colors and patterns used by Mi-24 in Slovakian forces. This range from the continental schemes with various brown and green colors and desert pattern with sand colors used. Final pages of this section is used for detail description of all stencils and markings on the Mi-24 with included technical drawings of the helicopter.

This publication is for sure top source of information for the modeler and air enthusiast and no matter that it is focused on the Slovakian sample; this could be used as general technical reference for all of the other Mi-24. Highly recommended!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample publication is provided by Jozef Andar, author and Editor of HT publication