Xtracolor is the Hannants line of authentic airplane camouflage color. In the world of plastic kit finishing Hannant bring a big novelty in placing a various set of gloss camouflage colors. This makes decal application perfect to the plastic kit surface.

Xtracolor Luftwaffe camouflage color setSubject of this topic is the camouflage colors of the German Luftwaffe used from the 1944 and these colors are three new green colors on topside. These colors are X210 RLM 81 Braunviolett, X 211 RLM 82 Dunkelgrun and X 212 RLM 83 Lichtgrun. First to match is the accuracy in regards to the published data of the German WW2 colors. There are used various “Model Art” specials with color maps inside and “Kookaburra Technical Publication” color map. Color are sprayed and then over spray with matt varnish to get original flat appearance. Visual comparing state that all of the above mentioned color hit the point with instance that RLM 81 lacks a small more violet hue. But in any way result are positive at all. I will note that in the Hannants used charts produced by “Eagle Editions” when this colors were made.

As well these colors are not to be used alone I have also check for the accuracy of the three more colors. These colors are X 208 RLM 76 Lichtblau, X 204 RLM 70 Schwarzgrun and X 203 RLM 66 Schwarzgrau. First color are used on the lower and side surfaces, RLM 70 was used for the propeller’s and the interior color present RLM 66. To those what I have seen RLM 70 is presented much lighter then it is actually look like. It needs to be some darken to match original extra dark color. In other hand RLM 76 I very slightly lighter but RLM 66, which is only flat color in this set, is perfectly match original color.

Xtracolor are very nice to work with it. They could be diluted with white spirit but I have also test with ordinary workshop universal thinner and also with nitro thinner. Also I have use it in a range of 6° room temperature as well in almost 44° and in each situation colors are working with no problem. In testing with airbrush of 0,2 mm nozzle Xtracolor perform very fine line range.

No matter if you are beginner or the experienced modeler this colors are very good choice.

Srecko Bradic

Sample color provided by Ed Hannant from “Hannants”