This 1:72 Airacuda is built from the Rareplanes vacform kit, long out of production. The shapes are quite accurate and the moulding was covered in fine raised detail. However, this had to be removed due to the large amounts of filler and sanding required to blend the shapes in, especially around the wing roots. The nacelles are entirely made of clear plastic which doesn’t blend in easily with the wing material, although it does make it simpler to create the extensive glazing. Many of the detail parts are from the spares box, including undercarriage legs, guns and propellers. The decals are also from the spares box. The model is finished in Alclad metallic paints, although slight shrinkage of the filler in the wing root areas has led

to the paint cracking in a number of places. An enjoyable but time-consuming model to make.

Peter Hobbins