Sogolee is the world well know name of the precision airbrush manufacturer. Started in the 1985 they have brought to the market a lot of very interesting models of airbrush.

Here it is one of the model airbrush from their range, model AB-2000 D. This is the dual action airbrush designed for the hobby user. Airbrush come in hard box and inside could be found airbrush, 22 cc glass bottle. Airbrush is good lay in hand. The feeding is bottom type but there could be replaced with small bottom feed cup. The same bottle is designed that the Gunze Sangyo color could be attached with easy. Trigger had a wider line of move.

Sogolee AB-2000 D is very simple to resemble for cleaning. Nozzle is the very fine of 0.2 mm diameter and some more care have to be take when cleaning this part. The same nozzle cone is longer and this gives very precise control to the sprayed color. One more detail I have noted is that part is very precisely machined and the needle travel is very correct and always centered.

Sogolee AB-2000 D dual action airbrushThis airbrush work perfectly with colors acryl and enamel used by modelers. And the same spray diameter is that fine that you could with easy work on very difficult camouflage pattern in the 1/72 [like streaks on Italian WW2 fighters…].

Overall impression is that this is excellent modelers airbrush, excellent manufactured, easy to maintenance and one more detail- handle is 22K gold plated!!! And you will be really wonder when you note that it is cheapest airbrush in the world!!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample of airbrush was provided by Peter Lin from “Sogolee”