Brassin MiG-21MF cockpit late

It’s simply to get impressive detailed kit, just take standard plastic kit and merge it with Eduard Brassin set, and you are there! If you even more took Eduard plastic kit, then you have chance to built perfection. From the very start I like so much Eduard kit of MiG-21MF and was so happy to see it in 1/72, first edition as 1/48. Thanks to their practice to release additional sets for their kits, alongside with their kits was released many other products, one of them is Brassin cockpit.

First take care, this product with stock number 672180 is dedicated to interceptor (!!!) late production. It is obvious that eduard take a good research before they release this and even better is that this can also mean that other version of cockpit could be expected in their product line.

Brassin MiG-21MF cockpit late pilot seat

Black box where this is packed is attractive and inside is so many interesting material either.  What I like is that there is few layers of precisely cut sponge and plastic bagged parts so protection of content is given to high level. Content is nine very precise mold resin parts (all right, they call it Brassin), small transparent foil with HUD transparencies (you cut em with scissors and put in place, one of them, two is provided), etched set, many parts are pre painted and instructional leaflets.

Brassin MiG-21MF cockpit elements

If I get in mind that MiG-21MF cockpit is small and narrow, total number of parts is maybe even big but there is all you need, details are so good and all fit perfect inside. First job there is to paint basic resin parts in interior blue green color and few of them is black and some elements are in silver.  It is on you are you going to add some worn out effect or not. Pilot seat is in gery colors, I would like to advise you to find some photos on internet, they could be of help.  Eduard give all paint numbers from Gunze Sangyo palette.

Brassin MiG-21MF instrument panel

Assembly is easy once when parts get dry, removing is easy, you can use sharp knife for some parts or precise saw, it is on you. Every part have its precise place where to be so there could not be mistake where and what to put. This Brassin set completely replace all cockpit parts from original plastic kit. Most important is that work with this set does not demand so much time so kit can be upgraded in relatively short work time.

Brassin MiG-21MF set final assembly

Completed section fit perfect into fuselage halfs and there is no problem to close it. The rest is up to you how you will complete your kit. I have so high impressions about this product and would like to recommend it to you all. Big thanks to Eduard for sample product. For this test I have use Eduard Overstress kit and it will be present in final form soon.

Srećko Bradić