Look is a new brand of products from Eduard which run the market for some year ago and in that period they deliver a number of products from this range. In past years, I have mention few time in my reviews, that average modeler does need much for upgrade its models, for cockpit this is seat belts and instrument panels. Did this have influence on Eduard or not, I have no idea, but Look is just like that, in transparent bag you have instrument panel and seat belts. Just enough to push up look of the cockpit, the most demanding section for detailing in plastic kit.

Look from Eduard

Content is identical for all their product of this range, you have inside instrument panel and seat belts. Instrument panel is mold with printed color and printed instruments on it. Instruments have even glossy surface so illumination of the instruments give real authentic look. Seat belts are, as I can see, steel series, so easy to bent into any shape. Depending from kit they are dedicated, Look can also have side consoles.

Work is more then easy, even beginers can use it- instrument panel just cut from base and fix into place they have to be. Similar with belts, cut, merge with other parts of etched set if need, put on place. Very good thing is that etched set is fixed to cardboard so you have there good base for cutting. And it some ten minutes of work, it give excellent transformation of the cockpit of your model. Here is presented how to work with Grumman Hellcat cockpit.

Excellent product! There is so many products in this range so follow this link to see em all and my thanks goes to Eduard for sample products!

Srećko Bradić