Reaction from Eduard was fast and soon after Zvezda has released their kit of Yak-130, Eduard deliver products for upgrade of this kit. The same kit as well sets, is in 1/72 scale. Eduard provide two products which is etched sets and one is mask for transparent parts.

Edaurd set’s fro Zvezda Yak-130 in 1/72

For the upgrade details on kit, there is two sets from Eduard, SS618 and 73618. First one is smaller and include etched sheet dedicated to upgrade details in cockpit, and the another one, include etched sheet from first+etched set for external details. I have used in work another set, with external details.

First to do is painting of the interior of the cockpit which is light blue and some small parts in black. Must note that geometry of Yak-130 is complex so take care during work. Most detailed part of build upgrade is seat. They need first to be cut of their basic details (belts) which will be replaced later with other parts, from set. Another prominent change is highly noted on instrument panels, original panel have to be sand from details and there comes etched instrument panels. Most of this cockpit etched parts is painted.

Non painted etched parts is mostly for the external elements. Parts are placed on engine, landing gear and some elements on nose. Engine have two parts on same engine, visible from rear as well metal plate behind exhaust. Landing gear have wires and cables and some small elements on landing gear door. I noted on some photos that cables on landing gear is blue color (so refer photos before paint kit).

Last to be used on Yak-130 build is protective mask, product CX499. They cover cockpit canopy externally as well transparent part inside cockpit.

No doubt that Yak-130 with this sets look far more better and attractive so this sets is so recommended for your build. Thanks to Eduard for sample products.

Srecko Bradic